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Baby Lock Machines


She is the newest top of the line Baby Lock model, with amazing features – RevolutionAir looper and needle threading with a 6mm presser foot height, 6 LED lights, variable speed control and knee lift – to ensure you step into a creative world of overlocking and coverstitching.

The Gloria is an eight-thread overlocker/coverstitch machine which has introduced the latest technology and features. It is a 2 in 1 machine which offers 88 stitch options including overlock stitches, chain and cover stitches as well as the Baby Lock exclusive wave stitch. The Gloria will also allow you to combine stitches to form expressive and decorative 8 thread stitches.

The Gloria features the new “RevolutionAir threading system, with instant looper and needle threading in any order. As well a full suite of innovative features you’ve come to expect from Baby Lock including our patented “Automatic Thread Delivery”.


The Ovation is an eight thread overlocker/coverstitch machine that sets a new standard of technology and features. This 2-in-1 machine offers an amazing variety of 87 stitch options including overlock stitches, chain and cover stitches as well as Baby Lock’s exclusive wave stitch.


The Evolution is an eight thread overlocker/coverstitch machine with every possible feature. This 2-in-1 machine offers 79 stitch options including overlock stitches, chain and cover stitches as well as Baby Lock’s exclusive wave stitch. Still want more? This machine allows you to combine stitches to form expressive and decorative 8 thread stitches.


Named after the ancient Japanese technique, the Sashiko machine replicates the look of traditional hand-stitches never before seen on domestic machines. This machine features an exclusive needle system which requires just one thread in the bobbin to form beautiful, self-locking stitches, as well as adjustable stitch length and spacing.

The Sashiko also has an auto pivoting foot, allowing for ease of fabric flow and perfect quilting when the needle is in the lowest position. How does this work? As each stitch is formed and the needle is down, the presser foot lifts from the surface of the fabric, which allows all layers of fabric being stitched to relax back to their original position eliminating any drag on the fabrics and thereby eliminating tucking.


The Baby Lock Evolve is a 2-in-1 eight thread overlocker/coverstitch machine offers a variety of coverstitch and overlocking options, allowing you to combine overlock and chain stitches to form expressive 5,6, 7 and 8 thread stitches as well. The Evolve includes features such as Jet Air Threading, Automatic Thread Delivery, tubular loopers, automatic cover stitch chain off and much more.


The Baby Lock Enlighten is the best 4-thread overlocker available on the market. This machine offers 11 patented features exclusive to Baby Lock such as the revolutionary ExtraordinAir Threading, and time-saving patents like built-in needle threaders, tubular loopers and Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD).


The Imagine was the first overlocker of its kind and features innovative technology that has remained unchanged since its original release. What’s more, it is still one of the best-selling overlockers on the market today with exclusive patented features like Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD) eliminating the need for frustrating tension adjustments.

This machine also features instant Jet Air Threading, tubular loopers and needle threaders, making it one of the easiest overlockers to thread.


The BLCS-2 is a coverstitch/chain stitch machine that effortlessly creates triple, wide and narrow coverstitch as well as chain stitch. This machine boasts exclusive Baby Lock features such as Jet Air Threading, tubular looper system, full featured differential feed and the ability to chain off for ease of use. The chain off feature can also be used with decorative threads to create beautiful braids.


The Baby Lock Enspire EX is an enhanced version of the original Eclipse DX. The Enspire was released early 2014, featuring Jet Air Threading which threads both Upper and Lower Loopers with a burst of air. The tubular loopers which are used in the Jet Air Threading system allows the machine to be threaded in any sequence, to change any one thread without re-threading other loopers or needles and eliminates tangled threads when stitching is commenced. The Enspire also features built in needle threader, full range differential feed, micro-matic twin cam tension system, 2 LED lights and a shorter distance between the cutting blade and the foot which allows easier stitching of curves.



A serger is the ideal machine to reinforce seams and give garments a finished look and serging takes on a new meaning once you’ve used the Eclipse DX. This easy to use serger includes Jet-Air Threading,™ a patented feature that threads your machine with the touch of a lever. You’ll also enjoy precise manual control to serge perfect stitches on any type of fabric with the adjustable twin cam tension system. In fact, the Eclipse DX was built to not only enhance your projects, but to last for years with incredibly low maintenance.