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Specialty Machines


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Canberra Sewing are happy to stock the new Brother ScanNCut CM900.

The Brother ScanNCut is an excellent option for crafters and patchworkers. It comes with a full starter kit and works with and without a computer. 

PT-D210 | P-touch Labellers

Inexpensive, fast & easy to use. QWERTY keyboard. Can save up to 30 label definitions. Prints laminated plastic labels on tapes up to 12mm (roughly 0.5-inch) wide. prints laminated labels 3.5, 6, 9 and 12mm wide for durable and professional results. From labelling file folders and cables and wires to making gift tags and scrapbook pages, there are more uses than ever for the PT-D210.

Sashiko Specialty Stitch  Machine

Named after the ancient Japanese technique, the Sashiko machine replicates the look of traditional hand-stitches never before seen on domestic machines. This machine features an exclusive needle system which requires just one thread in the bobbin to form beautiful, self-locking stitches, as well as adjustable stitch length and spacing.

The Sashiko also has an auto pivoting foot, allowing for ease of fabric flow and perfect quilting when the needle is in the lowest position. How does this work? As each stitch is formed and the needle is down, the presser foot lifts from the surface of the fabric, which allows all layers of fabric being stitched to relax back to their original position eliminating any drag on the fabrics and thereby eliminating tucking.